Realtor, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Speaker, and Author Erik Brown has sold hundreds of properties in multiple states, started and sold multiple businesses and investments, and pushed the envelope of life a countless number of times. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brown is the Author of “1 in a Million,” arguably the most influential book for those in need of a professional Realtor experience.

Erik is outside the box and comically questions authority, but most importantly, he is determined and efficient. His thought
provoking and detailed views of the home buying and selling process has earned him
speaking engagements across the country. Every year, he and his agents work with
hundreds of home buyers and sellers to fulfill their dreams.


Erik grows up with 2 younger brothers in Minnesota
Erik sells his 1st company, a property management business
Erik joins the largest Re/Max in North America, Re/Max Results
He forms various real estate teams in multiple offices
He is awarded by the founder of Re/Max International for production and service
Participates in charities like Rotary International…
Runs in the High Heel Dash for the Smile Network…
And participates in No shave November.
… from start to finish.
Erik expands office from Minnesota…
… to include Beverly Hills
Erik writes the Book “One in a Million: Everything You Need to Know to Find the Best Realtor
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