Realtor, Entrepreneur, Advisor,

Speaker, and Author Erik

Brown shares with you one

of the fundamental problems in

real estate service today: how to

sniff out a bad agent, and what 

characteristics and qualities make

up a Real Estate Rock Star.


Brown shares in a fun and informative,

easy to read way for you to identify a

great agent and why you want them long

term as a go-to professional in your corner.

When you buy, sell, or invest in a home or

property, Brown guides you to finding the

professional services to  give you the right

peace of mind for a job well done.



You will learn how to:


1. Why there are so many poor Realtors

    and tell-tale sign to see them a mile


2. What characteristics make up the

    best sales people and advisors?

3. When is best to connect with a


4. Apply the best strategies for home

    success with little time and effort.

5. Utilize full service, top of the line

    professionals and make MORE money.

Written by an agent that has helped hundreds of home buyers and sellers in multiple states buy or sell a home, like the Matrix, Brown shows you how to “read the code” of how to buy and sell a house. Discover typical and costly common pitfalls and mistakes made, and areas of interest that can make or break a successful sale.

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