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Hi, I’m Erik Brown, Luxury Realtor for the most Exclusive in Beverly Hills and surrounding communities. My latest book is changing the way buyers and sellers expect to receive a luxury home buying or selling experience.  Inside its pages, you will pick up all the details and hard hitting truths most agents don’t want you to know about truly exceptional real estate practices. I’ve exposed what it takes to excel, to win the audition to become your Realtor of choice, by giving you a step by step way to find your agent.

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As a Realtor, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Speaker and Author in the exclusive city of Beverly Hills,  I’m sharing with you one of the fundamental problems in real estate service today:


How To Sniff Out A Bad Agent, What Characteristics And Qualities Make Up A Real Estate Rock Star.

My book is fun and informative, easy to read with the best methods to identify a great agent and why you want them long term as your go-to professional faithfully in your corner.  When you buy, sell, or invest in a home or property, I guide you in finding the professional services right for YOU with the peace of mind for a job well done.


In my book, you will see:

  1. Why there are so many poor Realtors and tell-tale signs to spot them a mile away.
  2. What characteristics make up the best sales-pros and advisors.
  3. When it’s best to connect with a professional.
  4. Apply the best strategies for home success with little time and effort.
  5. Utilize full service, top of the line professionals and make MORE money.

I’ve personally helped hundreds of home buyers and sellers in multiple states buy or sell their home, like the Martix, I show you how to “READ THE CODE” on how to buy and sell your house.  Inside you’ll discover the typical and costly common pitfalls, mistakes made, and areas you will want to focus on and avoid missing out on a successful sale.


My book and currently FREE to YOU is packed with years of experience and value.  Here’s what you’ll discover inside your copy of “One In A Million”:


Chapter 1 – Setting The Stage “Your pocketbook and sanity will thank you.”


  • You’ll learn how the documentary “The Inside Job” does an excellent job of explaining the real estate market TODAY.
  • How the Constitution says that all men are created equal – but all Agents are not.
  • One of the most common types of Agents and how to post them quickly – The Rookie or Part Timer
  • Hurdles and pitfalls when picking The Friend and Relative Agent.
  • Why The Celebrity TV Agent is more about them and not you.
  • An example of The Post and Pray Realtor and how their laziness can cost you thousands.
  • The simple 3 bullet mini-list way to know if your Agent will always be prepared and never late to your appointments.
  • Why a Lack of Written Agreements with your Agent should have you running for the hills.
  • Details on statistics that show how No Communication Skills from your Agent can sour your efforts before they even start.
  • The sneaky tactics Agents use when there’s an Absence of Financial Understanding – It’s YOUR money right?
  • A powerful lesson when The Agent Suggests the Highest Price for Your House.
  • Can The Agent Charging a Lower Commission to the Buyers side work to your favor?
  • An insider look at The Agent who Isn’t Well-Versed with Your Style of House.
  • How to avoid the ‘No One Will Notice’ trap and the endless paperwork it can create for you.
  • The power of choosing an Agent with fewer tools at their disposal versus the Agent with 101 ways to solve a problem.

Chapter 2 – Supply and Demand “To be that unique red dress at the cocktail party, a savvy Agent will show you the actual results that would be considered valuable to you.”


  • A simple story about Lyft and Uber that details how Agents compete with each other.
  • The ‘tripwire’ effect when Agents steer you into with the mask of discounting their rates – What are you REALLY paying for?
  • Why professional Real Estate Agents are becoming harder and harder to find with massive amounts of information on the internet.
  • The wealth of value the smartest home buyers enjoy by picking a professional Agent – sorting the haves from the have nots.
  • A quick sure-fire way to test your potential Agents using the Kleenex or Band-Aid filter.
  • How choosing a tennis shoe, airline, or grocery store is a roadmap to finding your real estate pro.
  • How to avoid middle-of-the-road Agents who won’t get you to your your ‘new life’ destination.
  • Why your Agent needs to be fishing for a 600 lbs. blue marlin instead of casting a wide net.

Chapter 3 – What’s a Realtor “…your guide when making one of life’s most rewarding and expensive commitments.”


  • Why Agents using the Starbucks approach of serving ok coffee with position you for a smoother journey.
  • The ‘secret trick’ to Atari’s success based in principles every Agent should follow before claiming they are right for you.
  • One critically important licensing’ question you need to ask every Agent to know what type and classification you’re going to be working with.
  • A seven point list on the four titles used by Agents and what you should expect in performance from each.
  • The seemingly harmless thin line between a buyer’s or seller’s Agent – Knowing this subtle difference will dictate the type of service you’re going to get.
  • How to know the basics of what your Agent can and cannot do. Legally.
  • Exactly why specialization is massively important traight your Agent must posses.
  • When alphabet soup letters after an Agent’s title is relevant to you and some of the top ones to look for.

Chapter 4 – Salespeople “I was a vacuum salesman back home.”


  • A clever story of a young man from the Midwest who moved to Florida who sold $101,237.65 worth of stuff just to go fishing.
  • How an Agent should should sell you on your new home and know how to connect you with a certain lifestyle.
  • The recipe that expresses details of the market that affect timing for a win-win-win result.
  • Why you don’t need to succumb to the dark side of the Force and avoid conflicts of interest.

Chapter 5 – The Cream of the Crop “A healthy balance gives you the best of both worlds.”


  • The six ethical responsibilities a licensed Agent has sworn to uphold – few do.
  • Simple ways to attract an advisor, shun sales-ey people and not reinvent the wheel.
  • A little known fact: million dollar homes are sold by agents who adopt this kind of fiduciary duty.
  • Why your best Agent will not allow you to hire them until you have this ONE thing in place.
  • The counter intuitive (but effective) way to get the best out of your agent.
  • Three serious questions you must have ready when you’re serious about buying or selling your home.
  • Why it almost never works to just be a solid client and not be well informed.
  • One of the worst mistakes you can make: Fans, reviews and a built-in list of references.
  • The often ignored dual benefit of having a high-touch relationship and communication with your trusted advisor long after the deals done.

* Bonus section – Characteristics of the Best Realtors “Finding the unicorn that is a real estate rockstar…”


Chapter 6 – Industry Ripe for Change “…nostalgia is rarely a good business model.”


  • The scary facts of 1990’s tactics still in use in today’s real estate market.
  • The one and only time you should walk away from an Agent – A red flag trait (or lack there of) you need to keep an eye out for.  
  • Why you’ll never hear Erik shy away from tough “pain point” questions with his clients.
  • The most certain way to drive yourself crazy working with old school real estate methods.

Chapter 7 – Knowledge “An agent with a large knowledge base exponentially increases your success rate in all you want to accomplish with a home or property.”


  • How Malcolm Gladwell explains the commitment required for mastery – Your advisor will have done this already.
  • An example of the type of addiction your agent should possess like Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft.
  • Can learning from 1960s band two year journey give your Agent that edge in mastery?
  • When and what you want your agent to be an elitist about – it’s about you anyway.
  • Erik’s personal story of being a technology consultant, budding property investor, and why you should care.
  • Why Erik doesn’t trust anyone who blames tax changes, mortgage meltdowns, drops in value, changing credit limits… none of it matters.
  • How an off-the-cuff reference to Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) decades ago created immeasurable value to his career and clients like you.

Chapter 8 – Education, Expertise, and Authority “When you combine expert status, authority, and celebrity, you cash in a winning trifecta ticket.”


  • The one skill that will immediately tell you if your Agent possess the education, expertise and authority you deserve.
  • Why doctors are not generalists and neither should you real estate professional.
  • One of the most “ripped off” titles bad Agents love to call themselves – and how to spot a real one.
  • Shocking fact:  A statistic from the National Association of Realtors that is also the reason for Amazon’s dominance.
  • The 4 minimum requirements needed to become a real estate agent – and it’s of zero benefit to obtaining your goal.
  • Five ‘must have’ things to look for in your Agent – It’s a huge red flag if even one is missing.
  • A little test to find who is the best fit for your property goals, cutting through the online popularity contests.
  • How a true expert does not claim to be one and how you can identify the One In A Million.
  • A very powerful lesson from Erik’s father that shaped his future success in a crowded market.
  • The #1 reason your questions will be deflected with diversion tactics by the wrong type of Agent.

Chapter 9 – Crystal Balls and Tarot Cards “…it is important to consult the real experts, so as to identify opportunities for the best time to buy and sell for your unique situation.”


  • How you can ‘jump the line’ to the truth of the market without relying on recycled bad information.
  • A method to navigate the waters of educated guesses, when they make sense and when they are appropriate.
  • The story of a friend of Erik’s graduate school thesis on value patterns since the 1800s can make you the savviest of clients.
  • A detailed breakdown of the 4 Phases of the real estate market – history repeats itself.
  • How to best utilize this wealth of information to your advantage for the rest of your life.
  • Why these 5 dynamic variables set the pace of what you can expect to invest into your home.

Chapter 10 – Adversity “Outcomes can be made positive if the work ethic, integrity, and process are in place.”


  • How to turn any negative in your journey into a win with the answer Thomas Edison gave an American Magazine reporter.
  • A glimpse into Erik’s hard earned systematic way of turning horror into delight.
  • Does honesty from the Get-Go serve you best?
  • How prevalent is Under-Promise, Over Deliver?
  • Who should be anticipating what’s next, before a cure is needed?
  • Can you over communicate with your Agent?

Chapter 11 – Boy Scout’s Motto “I’d rather talk you out of a house than into one.”


  • Two life changing true stories of Integrity and Courage.
  • Amazing story of the last thing a lawyer in the windy city of Chicago, did for his son and the downfall of Al Capone.
  • The history of a naval pilot facing a Japanese fighter squadron and what’s in between Terminal 1 & 2 at Chicago O’Hare Airport.
  • What these two stories have to do with each other – you’ll find yourself telling friends about this over and over.
  • What you need to know about Enron’s success and is rampant in the market.
  • Why so many Agents fail because they don’t follow THIS principle.
  • How an Agent’s reputation can affect your experience – hopefully not your pocketbook too.

Chapter 12 – What’s in a Name? “Relationships still matter, and picking the right agent who utilizes all of their brokerage’s tools can be your ace in the hole.”


  • The David & Goliath light-bulb moment Erik had when he started his first brokerage.
  • A tiny 3% stat about brand name brokerages you should know, especially if your and overseas client.
  • How Google fits into the whole property hunting space that 90% of you reading this probably have done before.
  • The comfortable lie of search engine optimization and how not to fall into the trap.
  • Erik explains the fog on a mirror and a license effect.
  • Why big brokerages firms are courting ‘diamonds in the rough’ at small firms.

Chapter 13 – Personalization “Know that you can say yes, and have fun working with your agent.”


  • A quick (but profound) story of a traveler walking into a village and the monk working in the field.
  • The only 90 / 10 rule that matters in life.
  • How a higher level of service Agent will never take this away from you.
  • When staying at the St. Julien Hotel in Colorado, is a great example of what you should expect.
  • The easiest way to spot your agent’s mission and value statement, not what’s nailed to the wall.
  • 10 pinnacle values of a highly personalize Agent will live by to fit your best possible experience and outcome.
  • 13 monthly activities the best Agents are disciplined in in order to bring you the right person to the table.
  • Why your Agent should have a healthy marketing budget and why you should be ready with yours.

Chapter 14 – For Buyers “Their job is to get you to your destination in the least time and with the least aggravation, while keeping you informed throughout the trip.”


  • A new breed of Agent that has emerged over that last few years.
  • A series of the TOP TEN reasons to get your own Agent when purchasing a home, don’t go at it alone.
  • The Buyer Bonus: #11 This is a competitive advantage your professional has for your benefit versus the seller.
  • How to get you hands on > Eighty-Eight Points of Homebuyer Turbulence And How To Avoid Them.

Chapter 15 – For Sellers “We help you stick to the overall plan.  Price right and sell; price wrong and don’t”


  • How imagining a three legged wooden stool explains who’s responsible for what when selling your home.
  • An overlooked simple way to get top dollar for your home and connect with your best buyers.
  • Why you should use this tip to have your property stand above 90% of homes for sale in the your market.
  • Make sure you’re not judged by silly mistakes and a website link full of examples of what not to do.
  • The short truth on the importance of a unique marketing plan to move your house from listed to sold.
  • How to use cross-media marketing for a uniformed and front-of-mind selling campaign.
  • One of the best ways to attract your best buyers subconsciously by appealing to their lifestyle dreams – it’s super easy with this tactic without lying.
  • Leveraging the power of the pen versus trendy things that just don’t work.
  • More juicy examples on the best home pictures that make people want to visit your property over and over – plus a website link chock full!
  • Why posting your property on the MLS alone will not cut it in today’s market.
  • Signs, Signs, Everywhere – How, What, and Where they should and shouldn’t be.
  • 5 impactful was your Agent should be using print – Print will never be dead.
  • How 65% of how people are wired to learn is perfect for your In-Home showing.
  • The Secret Sauce: Erik’s grandmother spills the beans on how to dominate in your market.
  • Grandmother’s 8 point checklist to getting it sold.
  • A fast paced run down on price – Answering the Million Dollar Question.
  • The critical 15 Steps you need to know for a solid pricing table.

Chapter 16 – Sales Funnel “A real one, not a digital infopreneur one.”


  • Henry Ford’s Model T hands you a powerful lesson in business, selling a home is just that, business.
  • The Dr. Suess book on 500 Hats that accurately illustrates what home buying can be like and what it should do.
  • How the massive amounts of information on the internet has created educated buyers and how you can use this to your advantage (and theirs) in the beginning and after the process has started.
  • Why the best Agents can accurately predict the number of buyers for a home, on- and off-market homes for a buyer, and more.

Chapter 17 – Team Work Is Dream Work “Your time is money.”


  • How making a trip to the dentist office will show you what your Agent doesn’t have at the ready, and no – it’s not about teeth.
  • Why a relaxed and in control Agent demonstrates this super-skill you’ll need along the way.
  • The ‘no surprises’ questions you need to ask of your Agent to know who’s got THEIR back at the office.
  • This crazy secret, hardly anyone knows about that brings a small army of Realtors to work for you at no extra cost.
  • The Three Levels of an aggressive marketing strategy crucial in getting your home sold.
  • When you need to get something done, why you should find a busy Agent.

Chapter 18 – The Service Experience “Well done is better than well said.”


  • How an 89 year old Pennsylvanian, snowed in for the holidays with his daughter had their Christmas saved by Trader Joe’s.
  • Why the McDonald’s system of consistency will give you and your Agent the upper hand.
  • A detailed list of the 43 steps you had no idea your Agent need to do when closing on your house.
  • A lesson on why a disciplined Agent will bring you the bacon, versus the genius agent know it all.

Chapter 19 – Cost “You get what you pay for. Select wisely.”


  • The FedEx ‘pay to take care of their client needs’ attitude catapulted their sales leaving competitors in the dust.
  • How and WHY people will pay more for the exact same thing – How does it feel?
  • How will you favor in the high stakes market of buying and selling your home?
  • The unspoken truth of what your Agent gets paid – It’s in your hands what you’re going to get in return.
  • Why punishing your Agent’s commission down will only work against you and your bottom dollar.
  • Erik’s ‘break the numbers down for me’ mini-matrix spelled out for you.
  • How a rockstar Agent will keep bringing you value after it’s all done with their resources and negotiating power – and they don’t make a dime when doing this.

Chapter 20 – Tools and Technology “…agents can save their clients and teammates time and money across the board.”


  • The advantages and disadvantages of the fast moving world on the internet that can affect you.
  • How being very specific in your target goals dictates the kind of people you will ultimately connect with for your home goals.
  • Hidden treasures of ‘other’ important information at your fingertips outside of property information.
  • Why a simple internet search on your agent can show you their online skills.
  • How the lost art of writing gives you a snapshot of the internal conversation in your agent’s mind.
  • One of the most practical social media tactics successful Agent’s employ and ride their coattails.
  • Where most of your Agent’s prospects keep their eyeballs glued and is in your pocket too.
  • 9 of Erik’s most useful mobile apps that truly make your real estate journey stress free.
  • The marketing and communication shift technology has brought and your Agent should have mastered.
  • Everything you’ve heard about video games has introduced real estate transactions into a whole new must-have way of successfully showcasing properties.
  • Why you must pay attention to the drawbacks, hurdles and wallet draining pits of technology.

Chapter 21 – Vendors “Thelma and Louise. Batman and Robin. PB and J.”


  • A story of two ice cream shop business partners $12,000 investment and their success reaching $130M a year.
  • How the best Agents quarterback the dozens of companies involved in your real estate transaction.
  • Why it’s just as important for your Agent to have lasting relationships with vendors as it is their willingness to put their reputation on the line for you.
  • The extremely advanced skill rockstar Agents use with their vendors, maximizing money spent in advertising.
  • A simple way to leverage massive amounts of relationships with your Agent to get you the result you’re looking for. Faster.
  • 5 power advantages of all-cash and pre qualification before you make a trip to tour one property.
  • How to guarantee in writing, from a certified pro your bases are covered on any property issues with these four steps.
  • Why you should not skimp on pictures when selling your home and the first impressions you should think about before buying a house with substandard photos.

Chapter 22 – The IKEA How-To Guide “Make sure you don’t miss a diamond in a pile of coal.”


  • Are you better off testing your skills making a home decision on your own or with a subpar professional versus a well qualified one – All the questions you should ask yourself are in this chapter.
  • How you can easily find yourself in the midst of the IKEA effect.
  • When it’s a bad idea to color outside of the lines in real estate.
  • Your Agent ‘Cheat-sheet’: 7 gut punching questions to ask yourself before hiring anyone.
  • The FIVE follow-up questions to get you to the finish line and make your best choice.
  • Another 5 reasons why you may want to work with the best agent money can buy.

Chapter 23 – The Big Why “The reality is, home is where you make it… but a little help never hurts.”


  • Why does your agent do what they do?  There is no right answer here.
  • A sampling of 12 statement on what people say home is to them – Do you agree?
  • Erik shares his Big Why with you.

EXTRA BONUSES in the back of the book! (with instructions on how to get them all.)

Bonus #1 – VIP home buyer guide and top eighty-eight points of homebuyer turbulence and how to avoid them.

Bonus #2 – VIP home seller guide and a prelist marketing plan to drive multiple buyers and offers.

Bonus #3 – Neighborhood knowledge web list.

Bonus #4 – Erik’s, print only, monthly newsletter.

Bonus #5 – Erik’s video blog sent hot and fresh right to your inbox.

Bonus #6 – Your copy of “From 0 to $1 Million: Best practices to invest in real estate”.

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1. A One Time Personal Offer From Erik. ($97 Value – FREE!)

2. 30 Day All Access Account To Erik’s Online Database Of Luxury Homes. ($79 Value – FREE!)

3. A Chance To Get Access To Erik’s “Black Pocket Rolodex” Of Exclusive Private Homes That Will NOT Be Sold Online – Anywhere! (Value… Priceless!)

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* One In A Million retails for $24 on Amazon but we will give you the physical book for Free! Just pay your shipping/handling to receive it. Limit 1 per household.

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